October 10, 2020

The Two Types Of Dental X-Rays: All You Need To Know

Are you up for a dental X-ray? If you are not familiar with what they entail, the prospect of going through a for a dental x ray pleasant prairie process can be a little scary. But there’s no need to worry. Dental x-rays are done all the time, are safe, and are necessary to help your dentist properly care for your teeth.

What are the two types of dental X-rays?

The two types of dental X-rays are Therapeutic and Diagnostic.

1.  Therapeutic X-rays

You may need to get therapeutic dental X-rays during a standard appointment with your dentist. Therapeutic X-rays perform the role of showing any signs of issues in your oral health.

These X-rays allow your dentist to have a holistic view of your teeth for proper examination. You may get either of two types of X-rays, namely, panoramic X-ray or a bitewing X-ray.

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2.  Diagnostic dental X-rays

Your dentist will take diagnostic X-rays when you need to undergo a major dental treatment. For instance, if you need a root canal treatment or the dentist suspects you have an impacted wisdom tooth, a periapical X-ray is taken. It provides a full image of the tooth.

Dental procedures such as implants or other treatments may also call for diagnostic X-rays for better planning. Diagnostic X-rays present your dentist with a comprehensive view of the affected area.

In summary

Dental X-rays are a crucial part of a good program for regular checkups and healthy teeth. Therapeutic X-rays help identify potential risks, and diagnostic X-rays ensure that your dentist can plan proper treatment. If you’re new to dental X-rays, do a little research to gain some background knowledge about the types before you undergo an X-ray. You’ll soon find there’s nothing to worry about.

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