October 8, 2020

Stay Cool This Summer with a Ceiling Fan

The summer heat can get the best of anyone if they are not careful. When you live in a city where it routinely gets into the upper 80s and low 90s F, you will be sweating all summer. It is bad enough outside, but it can also make your home feel uncomfortable.

Using Your AC

When it gets too hot, it is a good idea to turn on your AC. If you have a single AC that cools the whole house, set a temperature that will make you feel comfortable.

Usually you can set it at 75 or 76 F and it is going to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The issue is that using your AC all the time may not be something you want to do, as it can get expensive.

Investing in a Fan

If there is a room where you spend a lot of time, or the central air does not cool it as well, a fan can help. By investing in a ceiling fan, you can make sure you are comfortable all summer long.

Now you may be thinking why a ceiling fan is so important, especially if you have central air. The truth is that when it gets very hot, your AC would have to run nearly constantly to keep you comfortable.

ceiling fan

Lowering Costs

A fan helps as it can make a slightly higher temperature feel better. Say you set your thermostat to 77 F all summer, rather than 74 or 75 F. Then you can use the ceiling fan to stay cool in your living room or bedroom.

These fans are great because they circulate the air all the time. It also makes you feel better as there is a slight breeze whenever you are sitting near the fan.

If it gets hot in your home each summer, it is time to buy a quality ceiling fan.

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