December 18, 2020

A Few Signs That You Might Need to Change Your Air Vent Filters

When the heat of the summer rolls around, you are going to want to make sure your air conditioner is working at full capacity, and for that to happen, you are going to want to make sure your AC filters are nice and clean.

Taking care of and changing air vent filters as needed is a great way to make sure the air in your home stays clean, keeps your system operating efficiently, and can even help you maintain a lower energy bill. If you want to make sure you stay on top of keeping your air vent filters clean and good to go, take a look at some of the first signs you will notice when it is time to change out your filters.

1. You notice a random jump in your electric bill.

changing air vent filters

Filters that have become clogged can mess with the AC system’s normal flow of air, and make it difficult for the system to operate normally. This could make your energy bills spike, and can be one of the first signs that you need to check your filters.

2. There is dust trapped in your air vents.

If it has been awhile since the last time you changed your air filter, there is probably some dust starting to accumulate around it. If this is the case, it is probably a good idea to go ahead and perform a swap to ensure the dust is not clogging the system.

3. You find yourself experiencing more allergies than normal.

Your AC filter protects you from having a ton of allergens floating around the air in your home, so if you find yourself sneezing more often when you are inside, you should think about swapping your AC filters around.

Have Your Filters Changed!

When you notice any of these problems in your home, one of the first things you should do is jump on switching your air filter out. These issues will improve, and you might even end up saving a little money thanks to a lower energy bill, as well. Everybody wins when there is clean air in your home.

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